In The Salvation Army, we place a high priority on young people. That's why we emphasize programs for children and teens. From young children to teenagers, we have programs for every age group. From after-school tutoring to summer camp, there is a place for your child to get involved.

Contact your local corps community center for details on their programs.


Character Building Programs


These scouting programs are similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Children learn about a variety of subjects and earn emblems (badges) upon successful completion of the lessons.

The Moonbeam program is specifically designed and written for kindergarten children. A kindergartner is much more like a three to four-year-old child than a six-year-old, developmentally and cognitively. Eyesight, hearing, motor skills and bones are all still developing, as well as the ability to reason and think logically. Moonbeams offers a variety of activities to help children develop their self-image and their image of God. Membership is open to boys and girls in Pre-K thru Kindergarten. The aim of Moonbeams is:

  • To provide experiences to help children be active physically and mentally
  • To offer a variety of activities and choices so children can learn their own likes and dislikes
  • To develop language and vocabulary through stories, sounds, rhymes, and songs.

The Sunbeam and Girl Guard programs emphasize discipleship, evangelism, and the development of life skills. It offers opportunities for building relationships with the youth who are members of the program and unique opportunities for presenting the gospel. Sunbeam membership is open to girls in grades 1-5. However, they may remain in the program through 6th grade if Girl Guards is not available. Girl Guards is open to girls in grades 6-12. Girls may join in 5th grade if Sunbeams is not available. Each group takes members through a series of achievement emblems and award levels that help youth to develop their unique individuality and potential through:

  • Exploration of personal strengths and gifts through interaction with leaders and other youth
  • Learning the importance of moral values and biblical truths by experiencing God's Word and by the example Christian leaders model
  • Developing physically, mentally, and socially as they learn program aims and goals
  • A balanced environment for learning that is fun, youth-oriented, and Christ-honoring.

Adventure Corps is a character-building program designed for boys in grades 1-8. Its purpose is to assist boys in developing their individuality and potential.

It has been proven that young people are less likely to participate in risky behaviors (drugs, alcohol, teen sex, violence, etc.) if they consistently take part in positive community programs. At the same time, good health and success in school increase when they take part in community programs. Adventure Corps is a faith-based community program that focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual growth needed in males today. It is an important aspect in Corps ministry which could provide a Corps with a strong young male church base. The Adventure Corps aim is:

  • To aid in the growth of young men in regards to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs
  • To provide a safe, organized, faith-based program for young men
  • To bridge the community with Corps services
  • To encourage members to invite family members to other weekly programs and worship at the Corps
  • To remind young men that it is their duty to "give back" to the community through volunteering and service.