Our family services emergency assistance programs provide social services to individuals and familes who are experiencing financial crises. Our clients are undergoing a temporary stage of financial hardship and come to this program to stay in their homes, keep their utilities running, and feed their families.

Many middle-income families are seeking financial assistance for the first time in their lives because of our current economic crisis. In Phoenix, 8,855 people were seen for emergency financial assistance. More than 8,000 of those people were requesting assistance for the first time.

Those seeking assistance typically request food and financial help for shelter and utilities. Most services are provided on a one-time basis and clients with ongoing needs are referred to longer-term programs.

Eligibility for these services is not guaranteed and various forms of documentation, such as rental agreements, pay stubs, and birth certificates are required, depending on the type of assistance sought.  Although eligibility is not based on a low-income status, most of this program's clients are considered "working poor." An estimated 25% of the clients are employed at the time they seek assistance while another 75% have recently lost a job.